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Can I move without telling my child’s father if he’s abused her?

I believe my daughter’s father is abusing her sexually. She has made certain disclosures to me and I’ve noticed changes in her behavior. I’ve reported this abuse to the child protection agency in Memphis and they have started an investigation. However, I am told that I can’t stop all visitation between my husband and my daughter unless the abuse is proven. He denies everything and says he will file contempt against me and take me to court to get full custody of my daughter based on false allegations and me keeping her from seeing him. I will not permit my daughter to be abused anymore and I intend to relocate out of state until this investigation is over and he’s charged with abuse and convicted. Can I legally relocate without telling him and if not, what are the penalties for me doing so? I am only doing this to protect my daughter from further harm.

Published on 03/08/21
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